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Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) is a health conversion foundation committed to improving the physical, mental, spiritual and social lives of people living in the greater New Orleans region. From our founding as Southern Baptist Hospital in 1924, to the sale of two hospitals and our conversion to a foundation, our work touches lives in many ways - through grantmaking to nonprofit organizations and charities, and through direct services in settings such as hospitals, churches, and other community institutions. Specifically, BCM focuses grantmaking within four strategic zones - health, education, public safety, and governmental oversight. Through The McFarland Institute, BCM continues the spiritual mission once part of our legacy hospitals. Since our inception more than $149 million has been invested to transform the communities we serve.

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Latest News & Announcements

NEW ORLEANS, LA—Earlier this month, Baptist Community Ministries and partners kicked off the second year pilot of the New Orleans Youth Program Quality Initiative (NOLA-YPQI) with 33 youth development programs. Collectively, these programs serve more than 5,000 New Orleans children and youth per week.

The Board of Trustees of Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) recently approved $1 million of flood relief grants. While most of the affected communities lie outside of BCM’s five-parish area, the Board felt compelled to help out our neighbors to the west and north of us.

Thank you for your participation in recent surveys regarding your experience with our new Letter of Intent (LOI) process. Revisions to the LOI form are currently underway, and a new sample form and FAQ feature will be available on this site no later than close of business on Tuesday, July 19th.